You Win! Romans 8:1 – 11

We ascend one of the greatest peaks along the Pathway of Hope. Paul has taken us from the depths where all are guilty before God to a place where we admit God is right and just to punish those who are guilty. God is willing to make those who are guilty righteous if they will allow Him to do what they cannot. This is proven by the examples of Abraham and David. Faith – trust in God’s work – is what makes guilty folk righteous. The righteous have peace with God and a hope that is well-founded in Christ – even though sin received through Adam brings death, Jesus Messiah gives life and righteousness by breaking our connection to sin, death, and the law. We now consider another benefit Jesus the Messiah brings. Not only do we have peace and hope, we have victory for the struggle we face daily. God no longer holds our sin against us! We looked last time at the struggle, but this morning we find that with God’s help, we win!