Why Worry? (Romans 8:31 – 39)

Paul writes to the Roman church to remind them of the powerful working of the Gospel in transforming lives. He is preparing to travel to new and different areas of ministry in Spain and wants the Roman believers to have a part in his travels. He reminds them of just how great a change God has worked in their lives; building their excitement ot see God transforming others, too. These believers knew that when God transforms a life, it doesn’t stay hidden. Soon there are drastic changes in thinking, behavior, and even the way life is viewed. The Romans knew very well how dangerous following Jesus could be. There were many dangers, many enemies. Paul reminds them that because of the work already done in them, there was no need to worry about danger, defeat, disaster, disappointment, or despair. He reminds them of God’s great grace and the blessings it brings that erases all reason for worry.