What Do You Expect? Mark 16:1 – 14

Life never seems to go the way we want it to or think it might. Often there are times of adjustment so that new information can be gathered, new plans formulated, new methods developed and tested, and a new normal reached. It is often during those times that we hear the phrase “what did you expect?” – it is a phrase that conveys the sentiment of “yeah, you might have had a really good idea, but did you REALLY think it would work?”

2,000 years ago life came crashing down on a small group of people located in a remote area of the largest empire to date. This small band has high hopes; and those high hopes dashed to pieces with the death of their leader. It all seemed so perfect; it all seemed like it would work; it all seemed to be the right plan and right time. What happened? Perhaps there were many who tried to console this dejected bunch by asking “but what did you really expect?” They now had to find a new normal. And as they did, they lowered their expectations; and found that God had not abandoned them or their expectations. Watch God turn tragedy into triumph!