The Struggle Romans 7:14 – 25

As we make our way down The Pathway of Hope we have seen that those made righteous by God are set free from sin – it no longer has claim on their life, no longer has claim to their allegiance, and no longer has claim to their destiny. We have also seen how those made righteous by God are set free from the demands of the law. Paul makes it very clear that the law does not save and that the law IS good – it serves a good and useful purpose. The question we now ask ourselves is this: since the law cannot save us, can it help us live?

As we look at the answer to this question we must ask a second question too. Is Paul talking about his own personal experience (and by extension ALL believers), the experience of SOME believers, or the experience of NON-BELIEVERS? Paul is sharing his own experience, one common to every believer in and follower of Jesus the Messiah. We find a person who hates sin (15), wishes to do good (19, 21), who delights in God’s law (22), regrets the sin in his life (16, 18 – 24), and who thanks God for delivery (25).  In spite of all this good, Paul, you, me, and every follower of Jesus Messiah struggles when it comes to knowing and doing good. Let’s learn there IS hope in times of turmoil!